Our Most Asked Quesions



No, not normally. 

 We would say 95% are walk-in clients and 5% are appointment based. Why appointment based? Because Express Alterations cares. Generally appointments are made for individuals who have 5+ suits needing alterations, Wedding Gown alterations, Bridal Dress alterations, Prom Dress Alterations, & Dress party alterations. 


Our team of seamstresses do book appointments year round, busier months include prom and wedding seasons. If you or your party would like to book an appointment please give us a call at 317-576-8134 or via email at JLaFa80@Gmail.com

Walk-in services is always welcome if concerned for fitting time please just call ahead.




Most clients who need something fitted try on their clothing.

We always suggest to bring the relevant items of articles and accessories you plan to wears when you do wear you garment. Here are some ideas:

  • For suit jackets needing tailoring please wear a shirt that you are most likely to wear with it.
  • Dress alterations please wear the flats or heels that you would the night of the event.
  • For custom alterations please bring in the accessories such as rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, ribbons etc. that you plan to have tailored to the piece of clothing. We may also help provide you with examples.
  • Undergarments you plan on wearing generally with dresses. We do offer bust cups as well to be sewn in.

For items not needing fitting usually include: 

  • New Zipper Replacements
  • Re-hemming
  • New Jean snaps
  • New Buttons
  • Accessories such as Drapes and Curtains.

***For custom alterations we always suggest to customers to please provide materials to personal liking. Express Alterations can help with consulting on ideas.




At Express Alterations we pride ourselves in a quick turn around. We always offer Same Day Service when needed. We understand you brought in an article of clothing or fabric hoping to have it sooner than later. Even for those prepared may need last minute tailoring.  

Our general service is two days to one week and we wish to have dresses for at least weeks. Does that mean you can’t get it back tonight or tomorrow? Absolutely not. We provide expedited  tailoring by our seamstresses daily. If you need it tomorrow we will do our best, if you need it this weekend we will do our best our quality and integrity in our work will be at it’s best.

Accommodating to our services we provide a general time frame from our expert seamstress. During different seasons we perform different work. Generally during the winter times we perform lots of zippers a day from jackets, coats, and pants. Summer times a lot of summer garments and accessories. Whereas, during most months year round our seamstress perform a majority of dress tailoring. We will also do our best to get your next alterations performed when you need it. Especially for a special day such as your wedding, prom, or bridal party.

***Some items for larger zippers or materials out of our control such as needing to order materials for unique or custom garments may take longer than usual. Pick up time will be clarified during your visit. We do our best to accommodate every client and their schedule.



 We gladly take all major credit cards and cash.

At Express Alterations we will offer a discounted price if you pay upfront.

You may be asking why is that?

 We trust you, we really like you. But it’s unfortunate that some times when clients do not prepay for their tailoring or alterations they may not come come back. It’s weird, we know. Who would leave their new clothing and not come back? 

You are always welcomed to pay at pick up, but we are thankful when you pay at drop-off. 

 **Our policy: With due diligence the time on your receipt is the pick up time and date. If orders are left at Express Alterations for more than 5 weeks (35 days) we have the right to donate your items. We will make an effort to contact you. Express Alterations is not responsible for items not picked up in this window. Though rare, we generally hold things longer just to give you extra time. 



This one is an easy answer. Did you see the name of our Business?

Yes and we do offer Same Day Service, but cannot always do someday  depending on our workload. 

One many occasions, we have finished items in as little at 15 minutes for emergency. 

We always do our best to get your items back to you as soon as possible.